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Maintaining good health

Within the framework of the theme « Maintaining good health », the LBMC's scientific project focuses on the integrity of the musculoskeletal system and functional capacities throughout life.

The research works proposed at the LBMC are based on a personalised approach to prevent and predict the evolution of pathologies and to assess clinical treatments in collaboration with health professionals (orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, rheumatologists, functional rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths).

Within this theme, two axes of research have been identified:

« Functional capacities throughout life» which represents a societal issue and leads to the following challenges:

  • Helping to prevent, diagnose and monitor chronic pathologies, or in sports traumatology
  • Helping to maintain good health and longevity at work
  • Supporting the transformation of medicine towards the "4Ps" (personalised, predictive, participative, preventive)

« The repaired body: the implant in its  environment», which involves an industrial issue and includes the following challenges

  • Contribute scientifically to the regulatory evolution (FDA regulatory science): define biomarkers, simulate the standard, help with "reliability design", help with "in silico trials”
  • Contribute to the development of implants: hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, 3D printing of substitutes, custom implants, biodegradable implants

Our non-academic partners: Fealinx, Centre Médico-Chirurgical de Réadaptation des Massues, Centre Orthopédique Paul Santy, Fondation Ellen Poidatz, DynaS+, NAMSA, MedTronic, Novetech ….

Our academic partners: LYOS, NUI Galway, ETS Montreal, UdeM, Vetagro, National Taiwan University, CREATIS ….

Contacts :

Theme leaders: Karine Bruyère et Sonia Duprey

Leaders of the axis « Functional capacities throughout life» : Bertrand Fréchède et Karine Bruyère

Leaders of the axis « The repaired body: the implant in its environment »Laurence Chèze, Yoann Lafon et Sébastien Lustig