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Facilitating mobility

Safe and comfortable mobility for everyone is a major societal challenge

To meet this challenge, the LBMC grouped its research activities on mobility in a theme entitled "Facilitating travel". The works carried out in this theme aim to guarantee optimal levels of safety and comfort for all users.

People are changing their mobility practice in response to societal changes (aging population, responses to climate change, progressive urbanization) , as well as technological evolutions (vehicle automation, new personal mobility devices).  Still, it is necessary to ensure that these new situations do not induce comfort or safety issues for the users.

This work is based on skills and research conducted in different fields such as

  • Behavior of structures under impact;
  • Propagation of uncertainties in numerical models;
  • Impact Biomechanics;
  • Ergonomics and seating comfort;
  • Digital modeling of the human body;
  • Analysis and simulation of human movement.

New reseacrh questions are also considered, such as the combination of modeling approaches (e.g., rigid body models and finite element models) and the integration of new methods for observing and measuring human activity.

The theme puts forward two priority research areas: the first, entitled « Comfort and safety of automated vehicles », is more dedicated to the questions raised by the automation of personal vehicles; the second, entitled « Humans on the move for autonomous travel », focuses on the use more active modes of travel, such as walking or the use of public transportation, cycles, or personal mobility device.

Contacts :

Theme leaders: Raphael Dumas  and Thomas Robert

Leaders of the axis « Comfort and safety of automated vehicles »: Philippe Beillas and Xuguang Wang

Leaders of the axis « Humans on the move for autonomous travel »: Raphael Dumas  and Thomas Robert