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LBMC in brief

The Laboratory of biomechanics an impact mechanics (LBMC, UMR_T9406) is a joint unit between  the University Gustave Eiffel and the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

The LBMC gathers more than 80 members (45 staff members, around 30 PhD students and 10 research assistants and post-docs), in addition 20 trainees are welcomed every year. LBMC members have complementary skills: impact biomechanics, structural mechanics, uncertainties, tissues biomechanics, anatomy and surgery, physical ergonomics, movement analysis, musculoskeletal biomechanics.

Based on societal challenges, the LBMC leads researches, on two themes:

  • Facilitating travel (automated vehicles, autonomous travel)
  • Maintaining good health  (functional capacities, the repaired body: the implant in its environment).

It has unique experimental platforms :

  • For movement analysis (e.g. instrumented treadmill, seat conformer, …),
  • For impact characterization (e.g. high-speed loading testing machines, Split Hopkinson bars, …),
  • For biological materials characterization (dedicated facilities, robot arm, …).

The LBMC is member of two Laboratories of Excellence:

  • Intelligence of Urban Worlds (LabEx IMU)
  • Physics, Radiobiology, Imaging and Simulation (LabEx PRIMES).  

Since 2016, the LBMC is member of the federation fo research in engineering (IngeLYSE)  and joined the academic members of the Carnot Institute Engieering@Lyon, in January 2021.

Among its flagship projects, the LBMC coordinated the european project PIPER(FP7), is abdomen center of expertise for the worldwide project GHBMC since 2008, coordinates the national project ENA (autonomous shuttle). The LBMC is involved in the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPH) and the BOHNESnetwork.

Regarding conference organization, the LBMC chaired IRCOBI 2015 (International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury) in Lyon, with 215 participants from 17 countries. The LBMC also chaired ESB 2016 in Lyon. This congress gathered 780 attendees from 47 pays and was jointly organized with the European Society of Biomechanics and the Société de Biomécanique (french speaking community), for their 40th anniversaries.

In 2019, the LBMC founded, with its partners from Canada (Québec), the associated international laboratory EVASYM (anatomo-functional evaluation of the musculoskeletal system).

Since 2017, LBMC's quality approach has been extended to all activities.

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