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BioExp : Biomechanical Experiments

Descriptive brochure



  • A high speed servo hydraulic testing system LF Technologies®. The maximum speed of this dynamic testing system is 15 m/s.
  • Instron universal material testing system (INSTRON® 8802). The maximum speed of this dynamic testing system is 2 m/s.
  • A conventional tension-compression testing machine Deltalab® EM550
  • An horizontal guided impactor launched using sandows
  • A pendulum test device
  • An ultrasound scanner for ultrafast imaging and transient elastography Aixplorer® Supersonic Imagine®* One probe SuperLinear™ SL15-4 Two probes SuperLinear™ SL10-2 Two probes SuperCurved™ SC6-1 One probe SuperLinear™ Volumetric SLV16-5
  • A force plate Bertec®   Two 6 axis-load cells Denton®
  • Four high speed video cameras Photron® SA3
  • Four HMI lamps
  • An digital image correlation software for optical strain field measurement VIC3D®
  • A light microscope Carl Zeiss® Axio Scope.A1
  • A stereovision system RD Vision® with  2 video cameras Falcon Teledyne DALSA®
  •   * Financement Région Rhône-Alpes